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Important information about a temporary login error, and what you should do if it happens to you.

With the launch of our newly redesigned MetLifePro we have come across a temporary login issue that may or may not impact you.  If you incorrectly type in your username and/or password you may see a secondary login screen for MetLife Associates only.  This page will not work with your ID.  If you see this screen, you have two options:

  1. Simply hit the back button on your browser, and try your login credentials again, paying close attention to capitalization.  
  2. OR, use your credentials in the MetLife Associates Login screen, but for Domain choose ESS.

If you continue to have login challenges please see below for a number to call for help.


What should I use for my username and password?

Your username will be one of the following two types:

  • A seven digit number that was assigned to you
  • A username that you created, containing letters and/or numbers


Your password is...

  • at least 8 characters long
  • both letters and numbers
  • at least one UPPERCASE letter
  • case sensitive
I need to update my password. What are the password requirements?

Your new password cannot be the same as any of your 12 previous passwords.

Your new password must contain... 

  • At least 8 characters
  • Both letters and numbers
  • At least one UPPERCASE letter

And, keep in mind that your password is case sensitive.

I need help to unlock and/or reset my account.

Please contact our Customer Solutions Center at 800-343-8496, prompt 2.

I'm a MetLife customer and I'm having trouble logging in. is a producer portal for financial professionals. Please visit for customer login information.

I work for a financial advisor and am having trouble logging in. is a producer portal for financial professionals.  Only licensed, registered advisors are permitted to login to this site and use any of the applications within it.



Your account will be locked after 100 days of inactivity, and you will be unable to login.

If you have previously set up challenge questions within your account profile, you will be able to unlock your account on your own.

To set up challenge questions, after logging in visit the "Password Reset Profile" link on the homepage, or on the My Business page.